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Freitag, 11. April 2014

Tour and 7"


we're going on tour with our friends from Geraniüm:

18.04.14 GÖTTINGEN (GER), T-Keller
19.04.14 POTSDAM (GER), KUZE
20.04.14 LEIPZIG (GER), Klaushaus w/ Finisterre, Jungbluth, Trainwreck 15h!
21.04.14 WROCLAW (PL), CRK Squat w/ S.A.T.A.N & Czosnek
22.04.14 WARSZAWA (PL), Przychodnia Sklot w/ Czern
23.04.14 KRAKOW (PL), w/ New Dead Project, Caede Cor
24.04.14 VIENNA (AU), EKH ABC Fest
25.04.14 AUGSBURG (GER), Ballonfabrik w/ The Boring, MDTATR

26.04.14 HAMBURG (GER), Dräschfeschd - without Geraniüm but a lot of other awesome bands.

We'll be having the first bunch of our new 7" on Meta Matter Records and Kink Records on the tour. If you are running a label or distro and would like to trade recods, please ask our labels. It will be another little while until enough are pressed, so right now the only way to get one is to come to a show and buy it directly from us. Ah, it looks like this:

Donnerstag, 20. März 2014



we're playing three shows in Switzerland this weekend:

Fr 21. Mar 2014
Basel, Hirscheneck
w/ Planks, Gentle Art of Chokin, Geraniüm

Sat 22. Mar 2014
Luzern. Industriestr. 9
w/ Geraniüm, Shiny Brown

Sun 23. Mar 2014
Zürich, Autonomer Beauty Salon
w/ Geraniüm, Shiny Brown
Matinee Show!


we have a 7" coming out as a split label release on Meta Matter Records and Kink Records. It should be released in time for a tour in April. 

Mittwoch, 8. Januar 2014